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You can purchase original pieces directly through this website or by contacting me on Instagram. I also have prints available for purchase through ArtistsDrop. If you're interested in a custom commissioned piece, please contact me using the form below.

Fine Art

Awaisha's watercolor pieces capture her deep love of nature and her unique interpretation of color and form. Ethereal washes and abstract forms are the hallmarks of Awaisha's art. To see Awaisha's work, updated on a daily basis, follow on Instagram @awaisha_art.

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About Awaisha

A classically trained fine artist, Awaisha has been practicing her craft for over 20 years working primarily in watercolor, pen and ink and acrylics. Awaisha graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and holds a degree in Commercial Illustration. Awaisha's work borders on the abstract, featuring ethereal washes of color and abstract natural forms and landscapes. Taking her inspiration largely from nature, you see organic forms and an Earthy pallete reflected in her work. Her signature elements include birds, butterflies and flowers crafted from her imagination, but you'll also find a vast collection of landscape, still-life and portraiture pieces in her portfolio.

Awaisha's work has featured in promotional marketing materials, advertisements and greeting cards and previously was for sale at Tamarack, an artisan center and gallery featuring the finest works from artists in the State of West Virginia.

Awaisha works primarily in watercolor using Daniel Smith paints on an Arches Aquarelle, Fine Grain, Cold Pressed watercolor block using a variety of natural and artificial fiber brushes, pallet knives and artist's mediums.

Photo by Bomspics

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Limited Edition Prints Available!

After hundreds of requests from followers on Instagram, for a limited time, you can find a collection of Awaisha's work available for purchase as prints from ArtistsDrop. These are hand-signed and numbered Giclee prints in an extremely limited edition available for purchase only through ArtistsDrop. These are high quality prints that won't be available anywhere else - check them out!

Mountain Lake

8×8 Limited Edition Print signed and numbered
$15.00 USD


Bird Wash

6×8 Limited Edition Print signed and numbered
$15.00 USD


Butterflies and Flowers

6×8 Limited Edition Print signed and numbered
$15.00 USD


Fine Art

Following is a sampling of recent works from my Instagram page, which is the best place to see what I'm working on each day. Occasionally a photo or a digital edit might show up in this feed. Most of these pieces are done in watercolor using Daniel Smith paints on an Arches Aquarelle, Fine Grain, Cold Pressed watercolor block.

    Purchase Pieces from Instagram

    To purchase a piece, please contact me in advance to make sure that the piece is available and to determine the cost. Most pieces are priced based on size, although some custom pieces or commissions may be priced higher depending on size, complexity, turnaround time, etc.

    Once we have determined a price and I know which piece you're interested in, you can come back here to pay. Once the funds are confirmed, I will prepare the piece for shipping and send it insured for at least the purchase amount. Typical turnaround would be 48 hours for preparation and delivery to the shipping center or Post Office.

    There is a standard shipping fee of $7 for shipping to US addresses. For foreign delivery the fee will vary and will be communicated along with the initial purchase price.

    An additional $7.00 USD will be added for shipping on all orders. International shipping is $25.00 USD to most destinations.



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